People are the foundation and the most valuable asset of each company. In carrying out our production activities, we take responsibility for our employees. We provide all employees with safe working conditions; we care for their health and personal development. We know that it is through the commitment of our employees that we achieve success.

Brose Sitech employee volunteering

By promoting the idea of social involvement, Brose Sitech introduces an additional organizational management tool, which is an active form of social dialogue and an opportunity for personal development for its employees.

Employee volunteering is a voluntary activity of employees for the public good, supported by the employer financially, logistically, materially or substantively. Each Brose Sitech employee has the right to use 8 hours of their working time per year for voluntary activities while retaining their right to remuneration.

By supporting volunteering,Brose Sitech gives its employees the opportunity to implement the employee volunteering programme in the form of a project they create themselves. The employer is also happy to help its stakeholders. Through instruction on providing financial/ material assistance to external stakeholders, they can submit requests for support.

We draw from the diversity

Diversity is a fundamental value of modern society. As a socially responsible company, Brose Sitech values diversity and sees it as its recipe for success. Thanks to differences, we can complement and inspire each other, which enables us to act effectively.

Brose Sitech has become a signatory to the Diversity Charter, which is our commitment to further promote tolerance and equal treatment among our employees, among us.

The signature of this commitment is completed in 2018. Diversity Policy, which is to serve as a signpost for the company's employees.

The signing of this commitment is complemented by the Diversity Policy implemented in 2018, which is to act as a signpost for the company's employees.